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Beginners/Kindergarten Class

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Primary Class

A class designed for children aged 5-9 where they can participate in learning about the love of God through His grace, worship and service to others. Biblical principles are gained, through stories, song and crafts and sharing God’s love with others. Giving JOY: Jesus first, Others next and then Yourself.

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JETS Class

This is for our Juniors/Early Teens.

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Adventurers Club

Children will discover the wonders of nature and God’s love through their local Adventurers club. Designed for kids aged 4-9, Adventurers offers a variety of activities in a fun and creative atmosphere. The activities range from games and crafts to nature exploration and stories. They will learn about their God-given abilities and how to use them to help others. The activities take place in a nurturing environment where children and parents can participate in building life-long memories.

Adventurers meet Saturday afternoons, ask us about when the next meet up is on.

Pathfinder Club

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